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How to Repair A Refrigerator When it Breaks?

So, your refrigerator isn’t working properly. Maybe there is a noise coming from behind the refrigerator, or the frost is forming everywhere, or your fresh food compartment is alright, but the freezer isn’t working. These are all sings of some problems, and it is important to know how to diagnose where the problem really lies in order to fix it properly.

Let’s start with your potential problems. If you have water under your crispers or if it is dripping into the fresh food compartment: This is usually provoked by a clogged defrost drain. Cautiously take off the back wall of the freezer compartment and eliminate all food or plastic fragments that could block the tiny hole at the base of the evaporator coils. There are times when a big piece of ice forms from a defrost problem and clogs the drain. In the majority of these cases, you can just store your food somewhere else on a temporary basis, unplug the refrigerator and allow it to defrost. Naturally, pay attention to your floor and put something under the refrigerator, so that the water doesn’t ruin your flooring.

When the temperature in the freezer is okay, but the fresh food compartment is warming up, you probably have an air flow problem. The evaporator fan is located in the freezer compartment and it should move the cold air from the freezer into the fresh food compartment through the diffuser. The diffuser is situated at the back of the fresh food compartment. At times, the diffuser is clogged with ice and doesn’t permit air to pass through. Usually, this can be caused if you left your door open for a long time or if you have a defrost issue. Rarely, a door inside the diffuser can obstruct airflow.

If there is noise in your freezer, you should make a distinction between a buzzing noise or a sizzling noise. A sizzle can be hard during the defrost cycle and is completely normal. However, a buzzing could be a sign of problems with the evaporator fan. For example, it could be hitting an ice build up. But, be careful! It could also indicate electrical arcing and suggest a potential shock hazard. Make sure you have unplugged the refrigerator before you do anything further.

On the other hand, the noise could be coming from behind of your refrigerator. Every now and then, compressors become loud as they get older, but that is a slow process. The usual cause of the noise is the condenser fan. It is situated alongside the compressor and carries air through the compressor and condenser coils to make them colder. Unplug the refrigerator, take off the back cover and check the fan. Something could be blocking the fan, or keeping it from rotating properly (insulation, faulty wires, or a rodent). Repair the insulation or wiring and be careful.

Anytime that you are faced with a problem in the sealed system, you should call a professional repairman (feel free to call us), so you could save money, or to prevent further damage. It is always better to spend a little money on a repair than having to buy a completely new refrigerator if you’ve made some mistakes that can’t be undone.

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